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Diverse Paths to Success. Destination Manor.
Sadly our last day of school is May 25th.  The students will be released at 11:00.    Sadly our last day of school is May 25th.  The students will be released at 11:00.
Ms. Lisa Werst » Schedule


Ms. Werst's Schedule  
7:20-7:30 Patrolling the street of Creativity Circle
7:30 2nd Grade
8:25 1st Grade
9:20 3rd Grade
10:15 4th Grade
Conference Meetings Planning time
12:45 Kindergarten alternated with PreKindergarten
1:40-2:35 5th Grade
2:35 to 3 Class Prep and activities
3 Dismiss 
after school 
Mondays Music Teacher Meetings
Tuesdays Fine arts teacher meeting
Wednesdays CHoir 3-4 
THrusdays Teacher meetings and DIstrict Choir last THurs. of the month.
Fridays Piano lessons 3-4 pm 

Recent Posts

UIL Music Memory Playlist

Lisa Werst is on Youtube! Look up my channel for the playlist or just go to youtube and search UIL Music Memory List 2017-1018. The playlist has 16 songs (and the one on my channel has 18 but you don't need the last 2 vidoes.)

Happy New Year!

Hope your 2018 is off to a good start! Music classes are rockin and a rollin and a whatnot with new songs, some awesome opportunities and making great music and memories.
Photos to come! 

CHOIR Singing for PTA THURSDAY Nov. 9

It's a Turkey-riffic Thanksgiving Performance by the Colt Choir. Join us in the 
LIBRARY at 6pm! 

Happy Safe Halloween!

"Pumpkin pumpkin round and fat-" you know you want to sing it.
Have a great night for Halloween and sing some of your favorites as you are trick or treating! 
"There was a ghost on halloween he really made the ghostie scene... "
or" Better watch out its Halloween night! " 

Choir Permission Form

Parents and Students read and decide to join choir by signing and agreeing to the simple terms to be in a school extracurricular activity. 
Involves rehearsals after school and performances all year as well as being in a fun learning group that uplifts, raises self confidence in their learning and in their own well being. Music soothes the soul and as a healthy way to express emotions- choir gives students the abiltity to express themselves in a positive, fun way while also learning self discipline, music reading and rhythm skills. 
Making the decision to sign the permission form is more than just having some fun on Wednesday after school with friends. 
Choir is now closed to join. Check back in January for open sign up again. 
(file to be posted. ) 

Choir is in full swing.. er SING!

Colt Choir met for our first rehearsal and were greeted with attendance of 21! 

cue heavenly music! 

We are using QUAVER Choral lessons to learn new warm ups, new songs and fun canons. Rehearsals are Wednesdays 3-4pm. 

First performance Nov. 9 6pm for everyone  

Colt Choir- "Singing like birds of a feather." "Sing your heart out!" 
MES FINE ARTS- Pouring the arts into students HEARTS!