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Diverse Paths to Success. Destination Manor.
5th Grade Choice Sheets are due tomorrow, January 15, 2019.  Thank you!
Mrs. Kellie Cox » Bienvenidos!


College:  The University of Texas, Austin-Bachelor in Hispanic Studies; Grand Canyon-Masters in Early Reading; currently pursuing a Doctorate in Education Administration for Special Education
Years Teaching:  6
Favorite Subject:  Reading
Hobbies:  Roller derby!
Parting Thoughts:  Parents, please sign up for and check our Class Dojo!  I am available by Dojo and by email.
Bienvenidos a nuestro mar de aprendizaje!

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PYP Unit of Inquiry
Central Idea: Relationships enrich the human experience and require nurturing to grow.
Key Concepts:  Form, Connection, Change
Lines of Inquiry:
-how the family unit is defined
-how the family and community are connected
-how relationships grow and change