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UPDATE:  Our Fine Arts Showcase has been rescheduled to March 14, 2019 at 6:00 pm.

Manoropoly: Campus Fundraiser

Manor Elementary is in the process of creating a board game that highlights the great city of Manor. The image describes what the game board will look like and how you can customize it for your family or company.


 Available spaces include :

Individual corner spaces (4 - Start; In Court; Loading Zone; and Go to Court) - $300

Individual Transportation Spaces (2) - $250

Individual Public Works Spaces (2) - $200

Break Card (includes space in the center of the board and all 16 backs of the cards - $225 Fate Card (includes the space in the center of the board and all 16 backs of cards - $300 Fate Card Draw spaces (3) - $100

Yellow Card Draw spaces (3)- $170

Penalty Spaces (2) - $150

Property Spaces (22) - $150 - $300

Customize the money with your family/company name: $1 - $500 bills - $250 per denomination

Other options:

Backside of all Deed Cards - $400

Board sponsor listings - $50


To reserve your space or make a contribution, please return the attached form with your method of payment made payable to Manor Elementary. Address your contribution to the attention of Denise Deckard and return to the school. Our goal is to have the game spaces filled by February 23, 2018, so that the game is ready before the end of the school year. Once completed, the game will be available for purchase for $30. Help us bring Manoropoly to life; reserve your space today!



Manor Elementary Faculty and Staff

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