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Diverse Paths to Success. Destination Manor.
5th Grade Choice Sheets are due tomorrow, January 15, 2019.  Thank you!

Scholars, Artists, and More Oh MY!

Art is a vital part of early childhood education. It is a tool that encourages students to express themselves graphically, emotionally, and verbally. According to Scholastic, art provides concrete evidence of work, in addition to increasing parental understanding of their child's development. We would love for you to stop by and view the works of art created by our very one Manor Elementary Colts.    Mrs. Caition is hands down passionate about the work she does.  More importantly, she is dedicated to the development of the whole child.   The following students submitted pieces for the show.

Art Show Finalists:


Neftali D.*

Andrea E.

Alexander C.

Jennifer C.

McKayla M.

First Grade

Natalia P.

Chyla B.

Isaiah W.

Anetzy M.

Second Grade

Mia H.

Amariah M.

Mirycole W.

Aaron C.and James J.(group project)*

Lenny J.and Josue D. (group project)

Han T.

Third Grade 

Brianna H.

Nathaniel J.

Kara D.

Valeria B.

Fourth Grade

Sophie P.*

Natalia A.*

Eddie R.

Joselin B.

Natalia A., Sophie P. and Katie H. (group project)*

Santiago R.*


Fifth Grade

Alexander A.

Julia M.

Emiliano G.*

Manuel V.

Axel G.

Viviana G.*

Mariah P.

Ethan S.

The * denotes the students/groups that placed in the judging. This is a competition.  Voting ends Wednesday, April 19th.  Please stop by with your smart device and vote today.  

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