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Diverse Paths to Success. Destination Manor.
All returning students must re-enroll and can do so online.  Parents, please check the Tuesday folder for directions.     All returning students must re-enroll and do so online.  Parents, please check the Tuesday folder for directions.  
Ms. Lisa Werst » Schedule


Ms. Werst's Schedule  
C and F days front door Car Duty 7:10-7:25             
7:25- 8:15 Conference, Planning                 
8:15-9:10 2nd grade 
9:10-10:05 3rd grade
10:05-11  1st. grade
11-11:30 lunch  
11:30- 12:25 - Kindergarten
12:25-1:20 4th grade
1:20-2:15 5th grade 
Mondays  Choir rehearsal 2:45-4pm
Wednesdays- UIL 2:45-4
Thursdays- (once a month) Honor Choir at MMS after school until 5pm 

Recent Posts

NEW Music room

It's a great day at MES!
Announcing the new room assignement for MUSIC- 503 Creativity Circle.
Looking forward to seeing our new learners on the first day of school! 

Happy New Year!

Welcome back to school in the new year! Happy 2017!  
THis week highlights-
2nd grade playing "Band" singing songs and playing instruments together and making great music. They listened and moved to beat and stay together. Fave songs were Side by Side and I've got Rhythm.
Kindergarten learning moves to superhero and having fun singing some of their favorite songs- BINGO and Twinkle Twinkle little star.
1st grade playing musical chairs (parachute with instruments on the edges for each kid and we rotate for each song we sing and play) and also singing and moving to many favorites- stinky pirates and head shoulders knees toes. Playing rhythm sticks to simple 4 meter patterns with counting aloud. 
3rd grade Sing new songs and add instrumental accompaniments that they create. Songs included Peace Canon, Over my Head, I've got Rhythm, This land is your land, Side By Side, and This Train.
4th Refreshing on lines and spaces making up words with music alphabet, playiing on Qstudent app LINES and SPACES CHAMPION!! (treble and Bass clefs)
5th Discovering and learning Quaver "Guitars and fretted instruments) taking home craft idea of a homemade guitar. and kindling an appreciation for country music with the country episode. YEEHAAAW


Looking forward to our Musical Vacation themed Spring concert. March 3 at 6pm. 
Rehearsals in progress with 3rd-5th grades and Colt Choir on some fun songs from around the world.